Daniel M. Nelson [3]Daniel Mark Nelson [2]
  1. Choosing to Feel. Virtue, Friendship, and Compassion for Friends.Diana Fritz Cates, Pamela M. Hall, G. Simon Harak, James F. Keenan, Daniel Mark Nelson & Paul J. Waddell - 1997 - Journal of Religious Ethics 26 (1):189-215.
    We are currently seeing a revival of interest in Aquinas's moral thought among Christian ethicists, both Protestant and Catholic. Although recent studies of his moral thought have touched on a number of topics, the majority of these have focused on his account of the virtues and their place in the Christian life. Probing the questions of the relation of virtue and law, the role of reason and will, and the place of the passions in Aquinas's moral theology, I will examine (...)
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  2. The Priority of Prudence: Virtue and Natural Law in Thomas Aquinas and the Implications for Modern Ethics.Daniel Mark Nelson - 1992 - Pennsylvania State University Press.
    In _The Priority of Prudence_, Daniel Mark Nelson proposes a reappropriation of a moral perspective that focuses on the cardinal virtues of courage, temperance, justice, and prudence. The study aims to recover and rehabilitate the virtue of prudence as a way of resuming a moral conversation that has been stalemated for too long. Nelson's main source for reviving the virtue of prudence is St. Thomas Aquinas's account of the cardinal virtues in the _Summa Theologica_. A primary problem with using Aquinas (...)
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  3. Karl Rahner's Existential Ethics: A Critique Based on St. Thomas's Understanding of Prudence.Daniel M. Nelson - 1987 - The Thomist 51 (3):461-479.
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