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  1. An introduction to the philosophy of education.Daniel J. O'Connor - 1957 - London,: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    This work aims to clarify the nature of the philosophy of education, intending to indicate both the limits and the uses of philosophical criticism of educational aims and concepts. It is based upon the fact that education is a subject full of unexamined presumptions.
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  2. Research led by participants: a new social contract for a new kind of research.Effy Vayena, Roger Brownsword, Sarah Jane Edwards, Bastian Greshake, Jeffrey P. Kahn, Navjoyt Ladher, Jonathan Montgomery, Daniel O'Connor, Onora O'Neill, Martin P. Richards, Annette Rid, Mark Sheehan, Paul Wicks & John Tasioulas - 2016 - Journal of Medical Ethics 42 (4):216-219.
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    John Locke.Daniel John O'Connor - 1952 - Baltimore,: Penguin Books.
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    Good and Evil Disposition.Daniel O'Connor - 1985 - Kant Studien 76 (1-4):288-302.
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    The correspondence theory of truth.Daniel John O'Connor - 1975 - London: Hutchinson.
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    Peirce's Debt to F. E. Abbot.Daniel D. O'Connor - 1964 - Journal of the History of Ideas 25 (4):543.
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    Kant's conception of happiness.Daniel O'Connor - 1982 - Journal of Value Inquiry 16 (3):189-205.
  8. Democracy as a Way of Life: Deweyan Pragmatism and the Challenge of Capitalism for Liberalism in Thought and Practice.Daniel J. O'connor - 1999 - Dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles
    John Dewey argued that democracy is a way of life. Over the course of a professional career which lasted nearly seven decades, Dewey developed a comprehensive social philosophy which had as its central purpose to engage in the project of realizing democracy as a way of life. This dissertation examines John Dewey's democratic theory as found in his four major political works and myriad occasional addresses during the period between the world wars. Dewey argued that capitalism, and particularly the pecuniary (...)
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    Frontier Government: The Folding of the Canada-US Border.Daniel O'Connor & Willem De Lint - 2009 - Studies in Social Justice 3 (1):39-66.
    In this paper the border is evaluated as a fold of power relations in which sovereign capacity and competence is marshalled alongside strategies of control, surveillance, and risk management to constitute, what we call, a zone of frontier government. We advance the argument that the border is a site for both negative and positive power, for insertion and subtraction, and that the assemblage of surveillance and compliance regimes are "run" not so much in the furtherance of a precautionary or pre-emptive (...)
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    Logical foundations: essays in honor of D.J. O'Connor.Daniel John O'Connor, Indira Mahalingam & Brian Carr (eds.) - 1991 - New York: St. Martin's Press.
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  11. Philosophy, language, and scepticism.Daniel John O'Connor - 1949 - [Pietermaritzburg]: University of Natal.
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