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    Rethinking the Criterion for Assessing Cia-Targeted Killings: Drones, Proportionality and Jus Ad Vim.Megan Braun & Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2013 - Journal of Military Ethics 12 (4):304-324.
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    An Introduction to Political Philosophy.Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2007 - Review of Metaphysics 61 (1):169-171.
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    Trends in Just War Thinking During the US Presidential Debates 2000–12: Genocide Prevention and the Renewed Salience of Last Resort. [REVIEW]Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2007 - Journal of Military Ethics 6 (2):107-16.
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    Tensions of Modernity: Las Casas and His Legacy in the French Enlightenment.Daniel R. Brunstetter - 2012 - Routledge.
    Modernity and the other: a story of inequality -- Locating the other in the political debates of early modernity -- Thinking and rethinking the equality of the other: Vitoria, Sepúlveda and the true barbarians -- Las Casas and the other: the tension between equality and cultural othercide -- From the civilizing mission to irreconcilable alterity: the changing perception of the Indians in the French Enlightenment -- The other side of modernity: legitimizing the transition from cultural othercide to physical othercide -- (...)
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