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    Asking More of Our Metaphors: Narrative Strategies to End the “War on Alzheimer's” and Humanize Cognitive Aging.Daniel R. George, Erin R. Whitehouse & Peter J. Whitehouse - 2016 - American Journal of Bioethics 16 (10):22-24.
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    Ethical Quandaries and Facebook Use: How Do Medical Students Think They Should Act?Daniel R. George, Anita M. Navarro, Kelly K. Stazyk, Melissa A. Clark & Michael J. Green - 2014 - Ajob Empirical Bioethics 5 (2):68-79.
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    ‘Shooting at the Sun God Apollo’: The Apollonian-Dionysian Balance of the TimeSlips Storytelling Project. [REVIEW]Daniel R. George - 2013 - Journal of Medical Humanities 34 (3):399-403.
    In The Birth of Tragedy, Friedrich Nietzsche celebrated the dueling forces of reason and emotion as personified by the ancient Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus. A subtle Apollonian-Dionysian balance can be observed in TimeSlips, a group-based creative storytelling activity developed in the 1990s and increasingly used in dementia care settings worldwide. This article explains how the Apollonion-Dionysian aspects of TimeSlips are beneficial not only for persons with dementia, but also for their carers. Narrative data from medical students at Penn State (...)
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