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    Daniel Steiner (1996). Competing Interests: The Need to Control Conflict of Interests in Biomedical Research. Science and Engineering Ethics 2 (4):457-468.
    Individual and institutional conflict of interests in biomedical research have becomes matters of increasing concern in recent years. In the United States, the growth in relationships — sponsored research agreements, consultancies, memberships on boards, licensing agreements, and equity ownership — between for-profit corporations and research universities and their scientists has made the problem of conflicts, particularly financial conflicts, more acute. Conflicts can interfere with or compromise important principles and obligations of researchers and their institutions, e.g., adherence to accepted research norms, (...)
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    Daniel Chernilo Steiner (1999). Integración y Diferenciación. Cinta de Moebio 6.
    A partir de las reflexiones que Durkheim lleva a cabo en La División del Trabajo Social, podemos entender que un intento por desarrollar un concepto de sociedad es una tarea abordable a partir de la indagación sobre sus formas de integración. Siguiendo sus planteamientos, referirse sociológicame..
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    Capital Lawyers, Daniel D. Steiner & Mr Daniel Steiner (forthcoming). Advertising Legal Services in NSW. Ethos: Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology.
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    Daniel Steiner (1980). Technology Transfer at Harvard University. Bioethics Quarterly 2 (4):203-211.
    This memorandum was prepared by Daniel Steiner, General Counsel to Harvard University on behalf of the President's Office and distributed to the faculty in October, 1980. It reviews recent Harvard policy with regard to patents and technology transfer. Spurred by recombinant DNA research, at Harvard and elsewhere, benefits and pitfalls of the University's participation as a minor shareholder in a company engaged in research and development are identified. The author notes that “The memorandum has benefited from numerous discussions with members (...)
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  5. Daniel Steiner (1999). The Shape of the River: Long-Term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions By William G. Bowen and Derek Curtis Bok. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 42 (3):447-450.