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    Health technology assessment : ethical aspects.Dario Sacchini, Andrea Virdis, Pietro Refolo, Maddalena Pennacchini & Ignacio Carrasco de Paula - 2009 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 12 (4):453-457.
    “HTA is a multidisciplinary process that summarizes information about the medical, social, economic and ethical issues related to the use of a health technology in a systematic, transparent, unbiased, robust manner. Its aim is to inform the formulation of safe, effective, health policies that are patient focused, and seek to achieve best value” (EUnetHTA 2007). Even though the assessment of ethical aspects of a health technology is listed as one of the objectives of a HTA process, in practice, the integration (...)
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    Ethical analysis in HTA of complex health interventions.Kristin Bakke Lysdahl, Wija Oortwijn, Gert Jan van der Wilt, Pietro Refolo, Dario Sacchini, Kati Mozygemba, Ansgar Gerhardus, Louise Brereton & Bjørn Hofmann - 2016 - BMC Medical Ethics 17 (1):1.
    In the field of health technology assessment, there are several approaches that can be used for ethical analysis. However, there is a scarcity of literature that critically evaluates and compares the strength and weaknesses of these approaches when they are applied in practice. In this paper, we analyse the applicability of some selected approaches for addressing ethical issues in HTA in the field of complex health interventions. Complex health interventions have been the focus of methodological attention in HTA. However, the (...)
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    The professional autonomy of the medical doctor in italy.Dario Sacchini & Leonardo Antico - 2000 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 21 (5):441-456.
    This contribution deals with the issue of the professional autonomy ofthe medical doctor. Worldwide, the physician's autonomy is guaranteedand limited, first of all, by Codes of Medical Ethics. InItaly, the latest version of the national Code of MedicalEthics (Code 1998) was published in 1998 by the Federation ofprovincial Medical Associations (FnomCeO). The Code 1998acknowledges the physician's autonomy regarding the scheduling, thechoice and application of diagnostic and therapeutic means, within theprinciples of professional responsibility. This responsibility has tomake reference to the following (...)
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  4. La ética de la experimentación en el hombre del proceso de Núremberg a los comités de ética.Roberta Minacori, Dario Sacchini, Marina Cicerone, Nunziata Camoretto & Antonio Spagnolo - 2011 - Medicina y Ética 22:417-474.
    El artículo analiza cómo la revista Medicina e Morale ha afrontado en su historia el tema de la ética en la experimentación clínica, que representa una parte muy amplia y compleja de la bioética y también de la deontología médica. Los aspectos que esta temática comprende son ya numerosos y la literatura producida ingentísima. La ética de la experimentación ha recibido particular impulso y atención a continuación de diversas experimentaciones no éticas que han turbado profundamente la opinión pública y hecho (...)
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    Centrarse en la práctica”: ética clínica de consulta en un caso de trasplante hepático ortotópico.Dario Sacchini, Emanuela Midolo, Roberta Minacori & Antonio G. Spagnolo - 2016 - Persona y Bioética 20 (1):70-76.
    The contribution describes a case report addressed in 2011 by the clinical ethics consultation service team of the Institute of Bioethics and Medical Humanities at the “Agostino Gemelli” School of Medicine of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome. The clinical case regards ethical dilemmas about the patient’s prospects for receiving an orthotopic liver transplant, because she was a non-resident and lacked a caregiver to assist her during the follow-up period, as well as a place to stay after liver transplant (...)
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