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    Authorship in a small medical journal: A study of contributorship statements by corresponding authors.Matko Marušić, Jadranka Božikov, Vedran Katavić, Darko Hren, Marko Kljaković-Gašpić & Ana Marušić - 2004 - Science and Engineering Ethics 10 (3):493-502.
    The authorship criteria of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) are widely accepted in biomedical journals, but many studies in large and prestigious journals show that a considerable proportion of authors do not fulfill these criteria. We investigated authorship contributions in a small medical journal outside the scientific mainstream, to see if poor adherence to authorship criteria is common in biomedical journals. We analyzed statements on research contribution, as checked by the corresponding author, for individual authors of 114 (...)
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    Perception of Organizational Ethical Climate by University Staff and Students in Medicine and Humanities: A Cross Sectional Study.Marin Viđak, Ivan Buljan, Ružica Tokalić, Anita Lunić, Darko Hren & Ana Marušić - 2020 - Science and Engineering Ethics 26 (6):3437-3454.
    We assessed students’ and employees’ perception of ethical climate at a university school of medicine compared to that of social sciences and humanities, as well as temporal changes in the employees’ perception of ethical climate. We also explored potential predictors of ethical climate, including moral foundations. This cross-sectional questionnaire study was conducted at the University of Split School of Medicine and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, in Croatia, from April to September 2019. We used 36-item Ethical Climate Questionnaire (...)
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    Medical Students' Decisions About Authorship in Disputable Situations: Intervention Study.Darko Hren, Dario Sambunjak, Matko Marušić & Ana Marušić - 2013 - Science and Engineering Ethics 19 (2):641-651.
    In medicine, professional behavior and ethics are often rule-based. We assessed whether instruction on formal criteria of authorship affected the decision of students about authorship dilemmas and whether they perceive authorship as a conventional or moral concept. A prospective non-randomized intervention study involved 203s year medical students who did (n = 107) or did not (n = 96) received a lecture on International Committee of Medical Journal editors (ICMJE) authorship criteria. Both groups had to read 3 vignettes and answer 4 (...)
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