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    Posthuman Personhood.Daryl J. Wennemann - 2013 - Upa.
    Wennemann argues that the traditional concept of personhood may be fruitfully applied to the ethical challenge we face in a posthuman age. The book posits that biologically non-human persons like robots, computers, or aliens are a theoretical possibility but that we do not know if they are a real possibility.
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  2. Applied Professional Ethics: A Developmental Approach for Use with Case Studies.Gregory R. Beabout & Daryl J. Wennemann - 1993 - Upa.
    This innovative book is written in an accessible, compact style that sets forth and explains a sound framework for professional ethics that readers can quickly put into practice in analyzing and writing about cases. Through a series of moral conflicts, it aims at improving the skills of moral reasoning and achieving moral development.
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    Desacralization and the Disenchantment of the World.Daryl J. Wennemann - 1991 - Philosophy and Theology 5 (3):237-249.
    In this paper I explore Jacques Ellul’s sociology of religion in terms of Weber’s disenchantment thesis. In contrast to Mircea Eliade’s depiction of modern persons as nonreligious, owing to scientific and technological development, Ellul argues that traditional religions have merely been replaced by new ones. This has occurred, according to Ellul, because the desacralization of one realm of experience results in the resacralization of another realm of experience.
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    Ethics and the Environment. Edited by Richard E. Hart.Daryl J. Wennemann - 1996 - Modern Schoolman 73 (4):355-356.
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    From Absurdity to Decision.Daryl J. Wennemann - 1996 - Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 70:105-120.
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    Ethics of an Artificial Person: Lost Responsibility In Professions and Organizations. By Elizabeth H. Wolgast.Daryl J. Wennemann - 1993 - Modern Schoolman 70 (4):320-321.
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    From Absurdity to Decision: The Challenge of Responsibility in a Technological Society.Daryl J. Wennemann - 1996 - Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 70:105-120.
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