1. David Barker-Plummer, Jon Barwise & John Etchemendy (2007). Tarski's World: Revised and Expanded. Center for the Study of Language and Inf.
    _Tarski’s World_ is an innovative and exciting method of introducing students to the language of first-order logic. Using the courseware package, students quickly master the meanings of connectives and qualifiers and soon become fluent in the symbolic language at the core of modern logic. The program allows students to build three-dimensional worlds and then describe them in first-order logic. The program, compatible with Macintosh and PC formats, also contains a unique and effective corrective tool in the form of a game, (...)
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    David Barker-Plummer (2008). Turing Machines. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  3. David Barker-Plummer, David I. Beaver, Johan van Benthem & Patrick Scotto di Luzio (eds.) (2002). Words, Proofs and Diagrams. Center for the Study of Language and Inf.
    The past twenty years have witnessed extensive collaborative research between computer scientists, logicians, linguists, philosophers, and psychologists. These interdisciplinary studies stem from the realization that researchers drawn from all fields are studying the same problem. Specifically, a common concern amongst researchers today is how logic sheds light on the nature of information. Ancient questions concerning how humans communicate, reason and decide, and modern questions about how computers should communicate, reason and decide are of prime interest to researchers in various disciplines. (...)
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