David Basin [7]David A. Basin [6]
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    Natural Deduction for Non-Classical Logics.David Basin, Seán Matthews & Luca Viganò - 1998 - Studia Logica 60 (1):119-160.
    We present a framework for machine implementation of families of non-classical logics with Kripke-style semantics. We decompose a logic into two interacting parts, each a natural deduction system: a base logic of labelled formulae, and a theory of labels characterizing the properties of the Kripke models. By appropriate combinations we capture both partial and complete fragments of large families of non-classical logics such as modal, relevance, and intuitionistic logics. Our approach is modular and supports uniform proofs of soundness, completeness and (...)
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    Labelled Modal Logics: Quantifiers. [REVIEW]David Basin, Seán Matthews & Luca Viganò - 1998 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 7 (3):237-263.
    In previous work we gave an approach, based on labelled natural deduction, for formalizing proof systems for a large class of propositional modal logics that includes K, D, T, B, S4, S4.2, KD45, and S5. Here we extend this approach to quantified modal logics, providing formalizations for logics with varying, increasing, decreasing, or constant domains. The result is modular with respect to both properties of the accessibility relation in the Kripke frame and the way domains of individuals change between worlds. (...)
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  3. Modal Logics K, T, K4, S4: Labelled Proof Systems and New Complexity Results.David Basin, Sean Matthews & Luca Vigano - 1999 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 5 (1):91-93.
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    Relating Strand Spaces and Distributed Temporal Logic for Security Protocol Analysis.Carlos Caleiro, Luca Viganò & David Basin - 2005 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 13 (6):637-663.
    In previous work, we introduced a version of distributed temporal logic that is well-suited both for verifying security protocols and as a metalogic for reasoning about, and relating, different security protocol models. In this paper, we formally investigate the relationship between our approach and strand spaces, which is one of the most successful and widespread formalisms for analyzing security protocols. We define translations between models in our logic and strand-space models of security protocols, and we compare the results obtained with (...)
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  5. A Recipe for the Complexity Analysis of Non-Classical Logics.David Basin & Luca Viganò - 2000 - In Dov M. Gabbay & Maarten de Rijke (eds.), Frontiers of Combining Systems. Research Studies Press. pp. 2--57.
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