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David Caplan [15]David I. Caplan [1]
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    Neurolinguistics Must Be Computational.Michael A. Arbib & David Caplan - 1979 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 2 (3):449-460.
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    Verbal Working Memory and Sentence Comprehension.David Caplan & Gloria S. Waters - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (1):77-94.
    This target article discusses the verbal working memory system used in sentence comprehension. We review the concept of working memory as a short-duration system in which small amounts of information are simultaneously stored and manipulated in the service of accomplishing a task. We summarize the argument that syntactic processing in sentence comprehension requires such a storage and computational system. We then ask whether the working memory system used in syntactic processing is the same as that used in verbally mediated tasks (...)
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    Syntactic Determinants of Sentence Comprehension in Aphasia.David Caplan, Catherine Baker & Francois Dehaut - 1985 - Cognition 21 (2):117-175.
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    The Capacity Theory of Sentence Comprehension: Critique of Just and Carpenter.Gloria S. Waters & David Caplan - 1996 - Psychological Review 103 (4):761-772.
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    A Computational Investigation of Sources of Variability in Sentence Comprehension Difficulty in Aphasia.Paul Mätzig, Shravan Vasishth, Felix Engelmann, David Caplan & Frank Burchert - 2018 - Topics in Cognitive Science 10 (1):161-174.
    We present a computational evaluation of three hypotheses about sources of deficit in sentence comprehension in aphasia: slowed processing, intermittent deficiency, and resource reduction. The ACT-R based Lewis and Vasishth model is used to implement these three proposals. Slowed processing is implemented as slowed execution time of parse steps; intermittent deficiency as increased random noise in activation of elements in memory; and resource reduction as reduced spreading activation. As data, we considered subject vs. object relative sentences, presented in a self-paced (...)
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    Working Memory and Connectionist Models of Parsing: A Reply to MacDonald and Christiansen.David Caplan & Gloria Waters - 2002 - Psychological Review 109 (1):66-74.
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    In Defense of Agrammatism.David Caplan - 1986 - Cognition 24 (3):263-276.
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    Potential Pitfalls in Neuropsychological Studies: The Case of Short-Term Memory.David Caplan - 1991 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 14 (3):443-444.
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    Lesion Location and Aphasic Syndrome Do Not Tell Us Whether a Patient Will Have an Isolated Deficit Affecting the Coindexation of Traces.David Caplan - 2000 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (1):25-27.
    Data from published case and group studies bear on the trace deletion hypothesis. The deficit-lesion correlational literature does not support Grodzinsky's claim that lesions in and around Broca's area inevitably lead to comprehension deficits specifically related to coindexation of traces or his claim that other lesions spare this function.
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    A Neo-Cartesian Alternative.David Caplan - 1985 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 8 (1):6-7.
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    A Note on the Abstract Readings of Verbs of Perception.David Caplan - 1973 - Cognition 2 (3):269-277.
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    Issues Regarding General and Domain-Specific Resources.David Caplan & Gloria Waters - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (1):114-122.
    Commentaries on our target article raise further questions about the validity of an undifferentiated central executive that supplies resources to all verbal tasks. Working memory tasks are more likely to measure divided attention capacities and the efficiency of performing tasks within specific domains than a shared resource pool. In our response to the commentaries, we review and further expand upon empirical findings that relate performance on working memory tasks to sentence processing, concluding that our view that the two are not (...)
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  13. Language Acquisition—Hold the Acquisition!David Caplan - 1986 - Semiotica 59:l7l - l76.
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    Prospects for Neurolinguistic Theory.David Caplan - 1981 - Cognition 10 (1-3):59-64.
  15.  5
    Weapons Control Laws.David I. Caplan - 1991 - In D. Sank & D. Caplan (eds.), To Be a Victim. Plenum. pp. 295--314.
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    Language Comprehension and Verbal Working Memory.Gloria S. Waters & David Caplan - 2003 - In L. Nadel (ed.), Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. Nature Publishing Group.
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