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    Educational Stories: Engaging Teachers in Educational Theory.David Dewhurst & Stephen Lamb - 2005 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 37 (6):907–917.
    A common complaint among those involved in teaching the educational foundations is the reluctance of many trainee teachers to engage in issues of educational theory. This is particularly apparent with those trainees who are more concerned with managing classrooms of children than grappling with what are often abstract and difficult ideas. This paper considers the current use of educational stories as a pedagogical strategy in teacher training, and a story that has been used in this way is presented. It is (...)
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    Should Teachers Enhance Their Pupils' Self‐Esteem?David W. Dewhurst - 1991 - Journal of Moral Education 20 (1):3-11.
    It is often supposed that teachers should help their pupils to acquire self-esteem. It is also regarded as desirable that pupils should be educated in such a way as to form reasonably accurate estimates of their own qualities and capabilities. These two enterprises are not necessarily consistent, given that estimates of oneself are typically comparative as well as highly corrigible. It is suggested that a secure basis for self-esteem is more likely to be found if one distinguishes between a comparative (...)
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    Education and Passion.David Dewhurst - 1997 - Educational Theory 47 (4):477-487.
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    How Can I Know Myself?David Dewhurst - 1984 - Philosophy 59 (228):205 - 218.
    To the Socratic injunction ‘Know Thyself’ one wonders how to respond. Presumably Socrates is asking us to attempt a project at which we are supposed to have some chance of success and this leads one to ask ‘ Can I know myself?’ One is led to ask it, but the question can seem rhetorical. Many would reply that of course one can do this because there is nothing easier for me to know than my own self. I do, therefore I (...)
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    The Teacher's Point of View.David Dewhurst - 1995 - Educational Theory 45 (3):411-422.
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    The Appropriateness of Self‐Esteem: A Response to Nesbitt and Statman.David Dewhurst - 1993 - Journal of Moral Education 22 (1):63-65.
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