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David Ekdahl
University of Exeter
  1. Expressive Avatars: Vitality in Virtual Worlds.David Ekdahl & Lucy Osler - 2023 - Philosophy and Technology 36 (2):1-28.
    Critics have argued that human-controlled avatar interactions fail to facilitate the kinds of expressivity and social understanding afforded by our physical bodies. We identify three claims meant to justify the supposed expressive limits of avatar interactions compared to our physical interactions. First, “The Limited Expressivity Claim”: avatars have a more limited expressive range than our physical bodies. Second, “The Inputted Expressivity Claim”: any expressive avatarial behaviour must be deliberately inputted by the user. Third, “The Decoding Claim”: users must infer or (...)
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    Social bodies in virtual worlds: Intercorporeality in Esports.David Ekdahl & Susanne Ravn - 2021 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 21 (2):293-316.
    As screen-based virtual worlds have gradually begun facilitating more and more of our social interactions, some researchers have argued that the virtual worlds of these interactions do not allow for embodied social understanding. The aim of this article is to examine exactly the possibility of this by looking to esports practitioners’ experiences of interacting with each other during performance. By engaging in an integration of qualitative research methodologies and phenomenology, we investigate the actual first-person experiences of interaction in the virtual (...)
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  3. Embodied involvement in virtual worlds: the case of eSports practitioners.David Ekdahl & Susanne Ravn - 2019 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 13 (2):132-144.
    eSports practice designates a unique set of activities tethered to competitive, virtual environments, or worlds. This correlation between eSports practitioner and virtual world, we argue, is inadequately accounted for solely in terms of something physical or intellectual. Instead, we favor a perspective on eSports practice to be analyzed as a perceptual and embodied phenomenon. In this article, we present the phenomenological approach and focus on the embodied sensations of eSports practitioners as they cope with and perceive within their virtual worlds. (...)
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    From the Gamer’s Dilemma to the Real World: Commentary on Montefiore and Formosa’s “Crossing the Fictional Line: Moral Graveness, the Gamer’s Dilemma, and the Paradox of Fictionally Going Too Far”.David Ekdahl - 2023 - Philosophy and Technology 36 (3):1-5.
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    Review of Daniel O’Shiel, The Phenomenology of Virtual Technology: Perception and Imagination in a Digital Age, Dublin: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022. [REVIEW]David Ekdahl - forthcoming - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences:1-7.