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David H. Wilson [5]David Henry Wilson [1]
  1. Language, Praxis, and the Right Hemisphere: Clues to Some Mechanisms of Consciousness.Michael S. Gazzaniga, J. E. LeDoux & David H. Wilson - 1977 - Neurology 27:1144-1147.
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    Brightman's Personalistic Vision,Person and Reality: An Introduction to Metaphysics. [REVIEW]David H. Wilson - 1958 - Review of Metaphysics 12 (2):285-293.
    Brightman's thought, like that of Bowne and Kierkegaard, was formed by a dissatisfaction with the manner in which Hegel's preoccupation with an objective spirit out in the world and in society tended to cover up "the grit of the individual," and smother his need for a very personal approach to his ultimate perspective. Metaphysics, accordingly, Brightman holds, must start not with naively objecto-centric concerns but with what W. H. Werkmeister called "first person experience." As Brightman said in an earlier work, (...)
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    A Divided Mind: Observations of the Conscious Properties of the Separated Hemispheres.J. E. LeDoux, David H. Wilson & Michael S. Gazzaniga - 1977 - Annals of Neurology 2:417-21.
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    Brightman's Personalistic Vision.David H. Wilson - 1958 - Review of Metaphysics 12 (2):285 - 293.
  5. Beyond Commissurotomy: Clues to Consciousness.J. E. LeDoux, David H. Wilson & Michael S. Gazzaniga - 1979 - In Michael S. Gazzaniga (ed.), Handbook of Behavioral Neurobiology. , Volume 2.