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David Hardman [5]David K. Hardman [2]
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    Does Reasoning Occur on the Selection Task? A Comparison of Relevance-Based Theories.David Hardman - 1998 - Thinking and Reasoning 4 (4):353 – 376.
    Does reasoning occur on the Wason selection task, or are card selections determined purely on the basis of heuristic processes? To answer this question two relevance-based theories of reasoning are compared: (1) the theory of Evans (1984, 1989; Evans & Over, 1996), which takes the heuristic viewpoint, and (2) the theory of Sperber, Cara, and Girotto (1995), which takes the reasoning viewpoint. In three experiments, the effect of removing matching cards from the selection task array is examined. It is argued (...)
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    Mental Models: The Revised Theory Brings New Problems.David Hardman - 1996 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19 (3):542-543.
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    The Understanding/Acceptance Principle: I Understand It, but Don't Accept It.David Hardman - 2000 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (5):677-678.
    Can the understanding/acceptance principle help us to decide between alternative normative theories? There is little evidence that this principle can successfully be applied; there are no strong normative statements in Stanovich & West's target article. There is also no evidence for success of rational norms when applied to real life decisions.
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    Discussion de-Focusing on the Wason Selection Task: Mental Models or Mental Inference Rules? A Commentary on Green and Larking (1995).David K. Hardman - 1998 - Thinking and Reasoning 4 (1):83 – 94.
    Mental models theorists have proposed that reasoners tend to focus on what is explicit in their mental models, and that certain debiasing procedures can induce them to direct their attention to other relevant information. For instance, Green and Larking 1995; also Green, 1995a facilitated performance on the Wason selection task by inducing participants to consider counterexamples to the conditional rule. However, these authors acknowledged that one aspect of their data might require some modification to the mental models theory. This research (...)
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    Notes and News.David Hardman & A. V. Judges - 1954 - British Journal of Educational Studies 3 (1):72-75.
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    Subaltern Studies, Vol. 8.David Kopf, David Arnold & David Hardman - 1996 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 116 (4):754.
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