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  1. David J. Bennett (2011). How the World Is Measured Up in Size Experience. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 83 (2):345-365.
    I develop a Russellian representationalist account of size experience that draws importantly from contemporary vision science research on size perception. The core view is that size is experienced in ‘body-scaled’ units. So, an object might, say, be experienced as two eye-level units high. The view is sharpened in response to Thompson’s (forthcoming) Doubled Earth example. This example is presented by Thompson as part of an argument for a Fregean view of size experience. But I argue that the Russellian view I (...)
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    Christopher S. Hill & David J. Bennett (2008). The Perception of Size and Shape. Philosophical Issues 18 (1):294-315.
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    David J. Bennett & Eric P. Loeb (1992). Apparent Approximations in Sensorimotor Transformations Are Due to Errors in Pointing. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 15 (2):323-324.
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    Eugene B. Zechmeister & David J. Bennett (1991). How Easy is It to Judge Ease of Learning? Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 29 (1):36-38.