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  1. The Cambridge Companion to Socrates.Louis-andré Dorion, Klaus Döring, David K. O'connor, David Konstan, Palu Woodruff & Mark L. Mcpherran - 2010 - Cambridge University Press.
    The Cambridge Companion to Socrates is a collection of essays that provides a comprehensive guide to Socrates, the most famous Greek philosopher a comprehensive guide to Socrates, the most famous Greek philosopher. Because Socrates himself wrote nothing, our evidence comes from the writings of his friends , his enemies, and later writers. Socrates is thus a literary figure as well as a historical person. Both aspects of Socrates' legacy are covered in this volume.Socrates' character is full of paradox, and so (...)
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  2. Essays on the Foundations of Aristotelian Political Science.Carnes Lord & David K. O'Connor (eds.) - 1991 - University of California Press.
    A surprising range of scholars return to the works of Aristotle as a source of fresh perspectives on their disciplines. Furthering that aim, an eclectic group of classicists and political scientists discusses the importance of Aristotle's political and ethical writings—for example, the _Poetics_, the _Rhetoric_, the _Politics_, and ethical and historical treatises—to contemporary approaches in political and social science. The collection examines underlying concepts such as production, race, class, and gender, as well as more traditional Aristotelian topics such as justice, (...)
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    Virtue and Knowledge.David K. O'Connor - 1992 - Teaching Philosophy 15 (4):405-407.
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    Aristotelian Justice as a Personal Virtue.David K. O'connor - 1988 - Midwest Studies in Philosophy 13 (1):417-427.
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    Two Ideals of Friendship.David K. O'Connor - 1990 - History of Philosophy Quarterly 7 (2):109 - 122.
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    Book Review:Epicurus' Ethical Theory: The Pleasures of Invulnerability. Phillip Mitsis. [REVIEW]David K. O'Connor - 1991 - Ethics 101 (3):657-.
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    Review of Gary Alan Scott, Does Socrates Have a Method' Rethinking the Elenchus in Plato's Dialogues and Beyond[REVIEW]David K. O'Connor - 2002 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2002 (10).
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    Virtue and Knowledge: An Introduction to Ancient Greek Ethics. [REVIEW]David K. O'Connor - 1992 - Teaching Philosophy 15 (4):405-407.
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    Review of Richard Deming, Listening on All Sides: Toward an Emersonian Ethics of Reading[REVIEW]David K. O'Connor - 2009 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2009 (6).
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    Colloquium 2.David K. O'connor - 1998 - Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium of Ancient Philosophy 14 (1):31-52.
  11. Platonic Selves in Shelley and Stevens.David K. O'Connor - 2006 - In J. H. Lesher, Debra Nails & Frisbee C. C. Sheffield (eds.), Plato's Symposium: Issues in Interpretation and Reception. Harvard University Press.
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