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David Kasmier
University of Southern California
  1. A Defense of Husserl's Method of Free Variation.David Kasmier - 2010 - In Pol Vandevelde & Sebastian Luft (eds.), Epistemology, Archaeology, Ethics: Current Investigations of Husserl's Corpus. Continuum.
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  2. Husserl's Theory of a Priori Knowledge: A Response to the Failure of Contemporary Rationalism.David Kasmier - 2003 - Dissertation, University of Southern California
    I argue that recent rationalists' accounts of a priori knowledge suffer from two substantial weaknesses: an inadequate phenomenology of a priori insight , and the error of psychologism. I show that Husserl's theory of a priori knowledge presents a defensible and viable alternative for the contemporary rationalist, an alternative that addresses both the ontology and phenomenology of rational intuition, as well as such contemporary concerns as the possibility and character of a priori error, the empirical defeasibility of a priori claims, (...)
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  3. Philosophy of Arithmetic: Psychological and Logical Investigations—With Supplementary Texts From 1887–1901, by Edmund Husserl, English Translation and Introduction by Dallas Willard. [REVIEW]David Kasmier - 2005 - Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 36 (1):97-99.