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    Turing: The Great Unknown.Aurea Anguera, Juan A. Lara, David Lizcano, María-Aurora Martínez, Juan Pazos & F. David de la Peña - 2020 - Foundations of Science 25 (4):1203-1225.
    Turing was an exceptional mathematician with a peculiar and fascinating personality and yet he remains largely unknown. In fact, he might be considered the father of the von Neumann architecture computer and the pioneer of Artificial Intelligence. And all thanks to his machines; both those that Church called “Turing machines” and the a-, c-, o-, unorganized- and p-machines, which gave rise to evolutionary computations and genetic programming as well as connectionism and learning. This paper looks at all of these and (...)
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    Turing and the Serendipitous Discovery of the Modern Computer.Aurea Anguera de Sojo, Juan Ares, Juan A. Lara, David Lizcano, María A. Martínez & Juan Pazos - 2013 - Foundations of Science 18 (3):545-557.
    In the centenary year of Turing’s birth, a lot of good things are sure to be written about him. But it is hard to find something new to write about Turing. This is the biggest merit of this article: it shows how von Neumann’s architecture of the modern computer is a serendipitous consequence of the universal Turing machine, built to solve a logical problem.
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    A New Approach to Computing Using Informons and Holons: Towards a Theory of Computing Science.F. David de la Peña, Juan A. Lara, David Lizcano, María Aurora Martínez & Juan Pazos - 2020 - Foundations of Science 25 (4):1173-1201.
    The state of computing science and, particularly, software engineering and knowledge engineering is generally considered immature. The best starting point for achieving a mature engineering discipline is a solid scientific theory, and the primary reason behind the immaturity in these fields is precisely that computing science still has no such agreed upon underlying theory. As theories in other fields of science do, this paper formally establishes the fundamental elements and postulates making up a first attempt at a theory in this (...)
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