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David Middleton
University of South Dakota
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    The Social Psychology of Experience: Studies in Remembering and Forgetting.David Middleton & Steven Brown - 2005 - Sage Publications.
    It is very much connected to the social psychology of experience. This book is written for advanced undergraduate, masters and doctoral students in social psychology.
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  2. Three Types of Self-Respect.David Middleton - 2006 - Res Publica 12 (1):59-76.
    According to John Rawls, self-respect is the most important of the primary goods and is essential for the construction of the just society. Self-respect, however, remains a concept which is inadequately theorised, being closely linked to other concepts such as dignity, shame, pride, autonomy and security. Most usually self-respect is considered to be just the self-reflection of the respect we receive from others. In this paper I argue that self-respect consists of both a self-evaluative and a social reflexive element. Using (...)
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    Grave Matters: Emergent Networks and Summation in Remembering and Reconciliation.Kyoko Murakami & David Middleton - 2006 - Ethos: Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology 34 (2):273-296.
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    Introduction.David Middleton - 2006 - Res Publica 12 (1):1-7.
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    Thrasyboulos' Thracian Support.David F. Middleton - 1982 - Classical Quarterly 32 (02):298-.
    There has never been any doubt that an important part of Thrasyboulos’ forces in his campaign at Phyle and in the Peiraieus was non-Athenian. Lysias in his funeral oration, 2. 66 ff., gives fulsome praise to the xenoi who fought and died for the return of the democracy. Other honours paid to the living are recorded by Aeschines, 3. 187 f., and in the inscription I.G. II. 10, a decree followed by a list of names grouped by Athenian tribes, some (...)
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    Collectivity and Agency in Remembering and Reconciliation.David Middleton & Kyoko Murakami - 2003 - Outlines. Critical Practice Studies 5 (1):16-30.
    This paper examines how British war veterans fold together war time and post war experiences in practices of remembering and reconciliation. We examine these practices as networks of association between British ex-servicemen (veterans) and the people, places and circumstances associated with their experiences as prisoners in Japan during WW2. We focus on the experience of World War 2 British ex-servicemen (veterans) who were prisoners of war in Far East. During their period of captivity they worked to build Thai-Burma Railway before (...)
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    First Do No Harm, or Eat What You Kill? Why Dishonesty Matters Most for Lawyers.David J. Middleton - 2014 - Legal Ethics 17 (3):382-400.
    There are significant differences in the way that regulators treat lawyers and doctors who are found dishonest. Paula Case has found that lawyers are much more likely than doctors to be struck off after a dishonesty finding. This article considers why dishonesty by lawyers is treated more seriously than that of doctors. Analyses of 'trust' in professions make comparisons between doctors and lawyers and invariably report that lawyers are less trusted, but on a flawed basis. However, in the context of (...)
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    10 Talking Work: Argument, Common Knowledge, and Improvisation in Teamwork.David Middleton - 1998 - In Yrjo Engeström & David Middleton (eds.), Cognition and Communication at Work. Cambridge University Press. pp. 233.
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