David Nutt [7]David J. Nutt [1]
  1.  51
    The entropic brain: a theory of conscious states informed by neuroimaging research with psychedelic drugs.Robin L. Carhart-Harris, Robert Leech, Peter J. Hellyer, Murray Shanahan, Amanda Feilding, Enzo Tagliazucchi, Dante R. Chialvo & David Nutt - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
  2.  85
    Ego-Dissolution and Psychedelics: Validation of the Ego-Dissolution Inventory.Matthew M. Nour, Lisa Evans, David Nutt & Robin L. Carhart-Harris - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.
  3.  43
    DMT Models the Near-Death Experience.Christopher Timmermann, Leor Roseman, Luke Williams, David Erritzoe, Charlotte Martial, Héléna Cassol, Steven Laureys, David Nutt & Robin Carhart-Harris - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
  4.  16
    The entropic tongue: Disorganization of natural language under LSD.Camila Sanz, Carla Pallavicini, Facundo Carrillo, Federico Zamberlan, Mariano Sigman, Natalia Mota, Mauro Copelli, Sidarta Ribeiro, David Nutt, Robin Carhart-Harris & Enzo Tagliazucchi - 2021 - Consciousness and Cognition 87:103070.
  5.  44
    Addiction: lifestyle choice or medical diagnosis?David Nutt - 2013 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 19 (3):493-496.
  6.  17
    Was it a vision or a waking dream?Robin Carhart-Harris & David Nutt - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
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    When the Trial Ends: The Case for Post-Trial Provisions in Clinical Psychedelic Research.Edward Jacobs, Ashleigh Murphy-Beiner, Ian Rouiller, David Nutt & Meg J. Spriggs - 2023 - Neuroethics 17 (1):1-17.
    The ethical value—and to some scholars, necessity—of providing trial patients with post-trial access (PTA) to an investigational drug has been subject to significant attention in the field of research ethics. Although no consensus has emerged, it seems clear that, in some trial contexts, various factors make PTA particularly appropriate. We outline the atypical aspects of psychedelic clinical trials that support the case for introducing the provision of PTA within research in this field, including the broader legal status of psychedelics, the (...)
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    Effects of 7.5% CO2 inhalation on allocation of spatial attention to facial cues of emotional expression.Robbie M. Cooper, Jayne E. Bailey, Alison Diaper, Rachel Stirland, Lynne E. Renton, Christopher P. Benton, Ian S. Penton-Voak, David J. Nutt & Marcus R. Munafò - 2011 - Cognition and Emotion 25 (4):626-638.