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    On Pragmatic Presupposition.David S. Schwarz - 1977 - Linguistics and Philosophy 1 (2):247 - 257.
    I argue that (a) the phenomenon characteristic of pragmatic presupposition, is distinct from (b) the phenomenon characteristic of semantic presupposition, and that there are sentences exhibiting (a) alone. I apply this to Stalnaker's defense of van Fraassen's theory of semantic presupposition against Karttunen. I show that, since Stalmaker fails to distinguish (a) from (b), this defense amounts to an unsuccessful attempt to explain pragmatically the supposed instances of (b) in Karttunen's counter-examples. I observe that, given the distinction between (a) and (...)
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    Referring, Singular Terms, and Presupposition.David S. Schwarz - 1976 - Philosophical Studies 30 (1):63 - 74.
  3. Causality, Referring, and Proper Names.David S. Schwarz - 1978 - Linguistics and Philosophy 2 (2):225 - 233.
    I argue that (a) the causal theory of proper names and (b) Kripke's chain of references thesis are logically independent of each other, and that the case for (a) is very weak. I observe that rejecting (a) we lose one powerful reason for treating proper names as rigid designators. I then consider reasons for subscribing to (b), and I argue that (b) is compatible with either a rigid or a non-rigid (descriptive) semantic treatment of proper names.
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    Naming and Referring: The Semantics and Pragmatics of Singular Terms.David S. Schwarz - 1979 - De Gruyter.
    I. Introduction As I sketched in my Preface, what frames this discussion is the opposition between the conceptual and the objective approaches to the ...
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    Book Reviews. [REVIEW]Kenneth S. Friedman, Donald Gotterbarn, M. Glouberman, Bryan G. Norton, David S. Schwarz & Walter P. Van Stigt - 1979 - Philosophia 9 (1):805-813.
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