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    A new look at habits and the habit-goal interface.Wendy Wood & David T. Neal - 2007 - Psychological Review 114 (4):843-863.
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    Automaticity in situ and in te lab: the nature of habit in daily life.David T. Neal & Wendy Wood - 2009 - In Ezequiel Morsella, John A. Bargh & Peter M. Gollwitzer (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Human Action. Oxford University Press. pp. 442--457.
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    Linking addictions to everyday habits and plans.David T. Neal & Wendy Wood - 2008 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 31 (4):455-456.
    Redish et al. trace vulnerabilities in habit and planning systems almost exclusively to pharmacological effects of addictive substances on underlying brain systems. As we discuss, however, these systems also can be disrupted by purely psychological factors inherent in normal decision-making and everyday behavior. A truly unified model must integrate the contribution of both sets of factors in driving addiction.
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