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    Seneca and the Self.Shadi Bartsch & David Wray (eds.) - 2009 - Cambridge University Press.
    This collection of essays by well-known scholars of Seneca focuses on the multifaceted ways in which Seneca, as philosopher, politician, poet and Roman senator, engaged with the question of ethical selfhood. The contributors explore the main cruces of Senecan scholarship, such as whether Seneca's treatment of the self is original in its historical context; whether Seneca's Stoicism can be reconciled with the pull of rhetorical and literary self-expression; and how Seneca claims to teach psychic self-integration. Most importantly, the contributors debate (...)
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    Logic in Quotes.David Otway Wray - 1987 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 16 (1):77 - 110.
  3. Seneca and Tragedy's Reason.David Wray - 2009 - In Shadi Bartsch & David Wray (eds.), Seneca and the Self. Cambridge University Press.
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    Implementing Effective Literacy Initiatives in the Secondary School.Maureen Lewis & David Wray - 2001 - Educational Studies 27 (1):45-54.
    Concerns about literacy are currently high on the political agenda in the UK. With the National Literacy Strategy now in place in primary schools, attention is being focused upon how pupils in secondary schools can be supported in continuing to develop their literacy skills. In this article we will briefly consider the current state of literacy within secondary schools and the different curriculum elements that need to be part of a secondary literacy initiative. We examine the key factors, identified through (...)
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    A COMPANION TO PHAEDRA R. Mayer: Seneca : Phaedra (Duckworth Companions to Greek and Roman Tragedy). Pp. 142. London: Duckworth, 2002. Paper, £9.99. ISBN: 0-7156-3165-. [REVIEW]David Wray - 2004 - The Classical Review 54 (01):101-.
  6. First-Order Quotational Logic.David Otway Wray - 1987 - Dissertation, University of Houston
    In this dissertation, we construct a consistent, complete quotational logic G$\sb1$. We first develop a semantics, and then show the undecidability of circular quotation and anaphorism . Next, a complete axiom system is presented, and completeness theorems are shown for G$\sb1$. We show that definable truth exists in G$\sb1$. ;Later, we replace equality in G$\sb1$ with an equivalence relation. An axiom system and completeness theorems are provided for this equality-free version of G$\sb1$, which is useful in program verification. ;Interpolation and (...)
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    Masterplot Us, Master Plautus. Gunderson Laughing Awry. Plautus and Tragicomedy. Pp. X + 283. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. Cased, £69, Us$99. Isbn: 978-0-19-872930-3. [REVIEW]David Wray - 2018 - The Classical Review 68 (1):79-80.
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    R.G. Dennis, M.C.J. Putnam The Complete Poems of Tibullus. An En Face Bilingual Edition. With an Introduction by Julia Haig Gaisser. Pp. X + 159. Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press, 2012. Paper, £13.95, US$19.95 . ISBN: 978-0-520-27254-5 .A.M. Juster Tibullus: Elegies, with Parallel Latin Text. With an Introduction and Notes by Robert Maltby. Pp. Xxxiv + 129. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012. Paper, £8.99, US$14.95. ISBN: 978-0-19-960331-2. [REVIEW]David Wray - 2013 - The Classical Review 63 (2):427-432.
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  9. Review: Seneca. The Life of a Stoic. [REVIEW]David Wray - 2005 - The Classical Review 55 (1):141-143.
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    Saint Seneca P. Veyne: Seneca. The Life of a Stoic . Translated by D. Sullivan. Pp. Xii + 191. New York and London: Routledge, 2003 (Originally Published as the Introduction to Sén`Que: Entretiens, Lettres À Lucilius , 1993). Cased, £45. ISBN: 0-415-91125-. [REVIEW]David Wray - 2005 - The Classical Review 55 (01):141-.