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    Deborah A. Rosen (1978). In Defense of a Probabilistic Theory of Causality. Philosophy of Science 45 (4):604-613.
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    Deborah A. Rosen (1975). An Argument for the Logical Notion of a Memory Trace. Philosophy of Science 42 (March):1-10.
    During the past decade there has been a very effective campaign against any explanation of remembering whose basic concept is that of a causally mediating trace. This paper attempts to provide such an explanation by presenting an explicit deductive argument for the existence of the memory trace. The conclusion is shown to follow from reasonable, empirical assumptions of which the most interesting is a spatiotemporal contiguity thesis. Set-theoretic techniques are used to provide a framework of analysis and probabilistic definitions of (...)
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    Deborah A. Rosen (1980). A Probabilistic Theory of Causal Necessity. Southern Journal of Philosophy 18 (1):71-86.
    This paper attempts to set up a probabilistic framework for understanding the notion of causal necessity. What results is a relaxed and relativized probabilistic theory of epsilon-Causal necessity and an explicit attempt to avoid deterministic assumptions. The theory developed emphasizes the notions of partial cause, Causal contribution, And the degree of contribution. Implications for causal overdetermination, Causal preemption, And causal discourse are discussed.
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  4. Deborah A. Rosen (1983). Helen Roberts, Ed., Doing Feminist Research Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 3 (4):198-200.
  5. Deborah A. Rosen (1987). Sandra Harding, The Science Question in Feminism Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 7 (4):151-152.
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