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    Children Interpret Disjunction as Conjunction: Consequences for Theories of Implicature and Child Development.Raj Singh, Ken Wexler, Andrea Astle-Rahim, Deepthi Kamawar & Danny Fox - 2016 - Natural Language Semantics 24 (4):305-352.
    We present evidence that preschool children oftentimes understand disjunctive sentences as if they were conjunctive. The result holds for matrix disjunctions as well as disjunctions embedded under every. At the same time, there is evidence in the literature that children understand or as inclusive disjunction in downward-entailing contexts. We propose to explain this seemingly conflicting pattern of results by assuming that the child knows the inclusive disjunction semantics of or, and that the conjunctive inference is a scalar implicature. We make (...)
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  2. The Foundations of Numeracy: Subitizing, Finger Gnosia, and Fine-Motor Ability.Marcie Penner-Wilger, Lisa Fast, J. LeFevre, Brenda L. Smith-Chant, S. Skwarchuk, Deepthi Kamawar & Jeffrey Bisanz - 2007 - In McNamara D. S. & Trafton J. G. (eds.), Proceedings of the 29th Annual Cognitive Science Society. Cognitive Science Society.
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    Theory of Mind in Young Human Primates: Does Heyes's Task Measure It?Deepthi Kamawar & David R. Olson - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (1):122-123.
    Three- to six-year-olds were given Heyes's proposed task and theory of mind tasks. Although they correlated, Heyes's was harder; only 50% of participants with a theory of mind reached a criterion of 75% correct. Because of the complex series of inferences involved in Heyes's task, it is possible that one could have a theory of mind and fail Heyes's version.
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  4. Children's Development of a Representational Theory of Language.Deepthi Kamawar - 1996
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    Coherence as an Explanation for Theory of Mind Task Failure in Autism.Deepthi Kamawar, Jay L. Garfield & Jill De Villiers - 2002 - Mind and Language 17 (3):266–272.