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  1. The justification of punishment in the international context.Deirdre Golash - 2010 - In Larry May & Zachary Hoskins (eds.), International Criminal Law and Philosophy. Cambridge University Press.
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    Exploitation and coercion.Deirdre Golash - 1981 - Journal of Value Inquiry 15 (4):319-328.
  3. Marriage, autonomy, and the state: Reply to Christopher Bennett.Deirdre Golash - 2006 - Res Publica 12 (2):179-190.
    Christopher Bennett has argued that state support of conjugal relationships can be founded on the unique contribution such relationships make to the autonomy of their participants by providing them with various forms of recognition and support unavailable elsewhere. I argue that, in part because a long history of interaction between two people who need each other’s validation tends to produce less meaningful responses over time, long-term conjugal relationships are unlikely to provide autonomy-enhancing support to their participants. To the extent that (...)
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    Philosophy of Sex: Contemporary Readings.David Benatar, Cheshire Calhoun, Louise Collins, John Corvino, Yolanda Estes, John Finnis, Deirdre Golash, Alan Goldman, Greta Christina, Raja Halwani, Christopher Hamilton, Eva Feder Kittay, Howard Klepper, Andrew Koppelman, Stanley Kurtz, Thomas Mappes, Joan Mason-Grant, Janice Moulton, Thomas Nagel, Jerome Neu, Martha Nussbaum, Alan Soble, Sallie Tisdale, Alan Wertheimer, Robin West & Karol Wojtyla - 2007 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    This book's thirty essays explore philosophically the nature and morality of sexual perversion, cybersex, masturbation, homosexuality, contraception, same-sex marriage, promiscuity, pedophilia, date rape, sexual objectification, teacher-student relationships, pornography, and prostitution. Authors include Martha Nussbaum, Thomas Nagel, Alan Goldman, John Finnis, Sallie Tisdale, Robin West, Alan Wertheimer, John Corvino, Cheshire Calhoun, Jerome Neu, and Alan Soble, among others. A valuable resource for sex researchers as well as undergraduate courses in the philosophy of sex.
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    Pluralism, Integrity, and the Interpretive Model of Law.Deirdre Golash - 1994 - Philosophy in the Contemporary World 1 (3):15-21.
    In Law’s Empire, Ronald Dworkin argues that the choice between conflicting interpretations of law is, and should be, influenced by the aspiration to “integrity,” that is, the construction of law as a coherent whole, as though it were the product of a single author. I argue that, particularly under conditions where opinion on relevant issues is significantly divided, the search for a single coherent explanation of law may be seriously misleading. The idea of integrity is a principled basis for legal (...)
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    PHILOSOPHY OF LAW Legislative Intent and Other Essays on Law, Politics, and Morality.Deirdre Golash - 1996 - Philosophical Books 37 (2):130-131.
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    Power, Sex, and Friendship in Academia.Deirdre Golash - 2001 - Essays in Philosophy 2 (2):66-72.
    Any sexual offer by a professor to a student is morally problematic. An explicit disclaimer about grading issues will not change the fact that the professor has power over the student’s grades, and no assurance that the student can offer can evade the communicative difficulties created by the power differential. It is possible that there will be a sufficient development of trust that these communication problems are superseded, but it is again extremely difficult to be sure that this is so. (...)
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    Review symposium.Deirdre Golash - 1995 - Journal of Value Inquiry 29 (2):279-288.
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    The Retributive Paradox.Deirdre Golash - 1994 - Analysis 54 (2):72 - 78.