Delmas Kiernan-Lewis [3]Del Kiernan-Lewis [2]
  1.  45
    Not Over Yet: Prior's 'Thank Goodness' Argument.Delmas Kiernan-Lewis - 1991 - Philosophy 66 (256):241 - 243.
  2.  74
    Naturalism and the Problem of Evil.Del Kiernan-Lewis - 2007 - Philo 10 (2):125-135.
    The evidential argument from evil against theism requires a background of assumptions which, if correct, would appear to pose at least as great an evidential threat to naturalism as extensive pain and suffering pose to theism. In this paper, I argue that the conscious suffering and objective moral judgments required to construct evidential arguments from evil form the basis of powerful prima facie arguments against naturalism that are similar in force and structure to recent versions of the evidential argument from (...)
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