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    The Role of Language in Mathematical Development: Evidence From Children with Specific Language Impairments.Chris Donlan, Richard Cowan, Elizabeth J. Newton & Delyth Lloyd - 2007 - Cognition 103 (1):23-33.
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    Linguistic Influences on Mathematical Development: How Important is the Transparency of the Counting System?Ann Dowker, Sheila Bala & Delyth Lloyd - 2008 - Philosophical Psychology 21 (4):523 – 538.
    Wales uses languages with both regular (Welsh) and irregular (English) counting systems. Three groups of 6- and 8-year-old Welsh children with varying degrees of exposure to the Welsh language—those who spoke Welsh at both home and school; those who spoke Welsh only at home; and those who spoke only English—were given standardized tests of arithmetic and a test of understanding representations of two-digit numbers. Groups did not differ on the arithmetic tests, but both groups of Welsh speakers read and compared (...)
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  3. Number 1 Regular Articles.Henry Gleitman, Chris Donlan, Richard Cowan, Elizabeth J. Newton, Delyth Lloyd, Rachel Robbins, Elinor Mckone, Bruno Gauthier, Rushen Shi & Yi Xu - 2007 - Cognition 103:504-506.
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