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    The Relation Between Idealisation and Approximation in Scientific Model Construction.Demetris P. Portides - 2007 - Science & Education 16 (7-8):699-724.
  2. A Theory of Scientific Model Construction: The Conceptual Process of Abstraction and Concretisation. [REVIEW]Demetris P. Portides - 2005 - Foundations of Science 10 (1):67-88.
    The process of abstraction and concretisation is a label used for an explicative theory of scientific model-construction. In scientific theorising this process enters at various levels. We could identify two principal levels of abstraction that are useful to our understanding of theory-application. The first level is that of selecting a small number of variables and parameters abstracted from the universe of discourse and used to characterise the general laws of a theory. In classical mechanics, for example, we select position and (...)
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  3. Scientific Models and the Semantic View of Scientific Theories.Demetris P. Portides - 2005 - Philosophy of Science 72 (5):1287-1298.
    I argue against the conception of scientific models advocated by the proponents of the Semantic View of scientific theories. Part of the paper is devoted to clarifying the important features of the scientific modeling view that the Semantic conception entails. The liquid drop model of nuclear structure is analyzed in conjunction with the particular auxiliary hypothesis that is the guiding force behind its construction and it is argued that it does not meet the necessary features to render it a model (...)
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    Modeling Prototypes: Daniela M. Bailer-Jones, Scientific Models in Philosophy of Science. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009, X+ 235 Pp. US $45 ΗΒ.Demetris P. Portides - 2010 - Metascience 19 (2):281-284.
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