Dennis Lomas [6]Dennis Ray Lomas [1]
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    What Perception is Doing, and What It is Not Doing, in Mathematical Reasoning.Dennis Lomas - 2002 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 53 (2):205-223.
    What is perception doing in mathematical reasoning? To address this question, I discuss the role of perception in geometric reasoning. Perception of the shape properties of concrete diagrams provides, I argue, a surrogate consciousness of the shape properties of the abstract geometric objects depicted in the diagrams. Some of what perception is not doing in mathematical reasoning is also discussed. I take issue with both Parsons and Maddy. Parsons claims that we perceive a certain type of abstract object. Maddy claims (...)
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  2. PJ Kellman & ME Arterberry, The Cradle of Knowledge.Dennis Lomas - 1999 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 6 (5):88-89.
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    Davies's Continuum Theory: Does It Capture Experience?: Review of Experience and Content: Consequences of a Continuum Theory By W. Martin Davies. [REVIEW]Dennis Lomas - 2000 - PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research On Consciousness 6.
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    Representation of Basic Kinds: Not a Case of Evolutionary Internalization of Universal Regularities.Dennis Lomas - 2001 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (4):686-687.
    Shepard claims that “evolutionary internalization of universal regularities in the world” takes place. His position is interesting and seems plausible with regard to “default” motion detection and aspects of colour constancy which he addresses. However, his claim is not convincing with regard to object recognition. [Shepard].
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    Representational Theory Emerges Unscathed.Dennis Lomas - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (6):764-765.
    Representationalism emerges unscathed from Pessoa et al.'s attack. They fail to undermine a key reason for its influence: it has the theoretical resources to explain many illusory visual experiences such as illusory contours and features. Furthermore, in attempting to undermine representationalism, the authors seem to erect an unduly inflated distinction between neural accounts of perception and personal-level accounts of perception.
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    Degree of Influence on Perception of Belief and Social Setting: Its Relevance to Understanding Pendulum Motion.Dennis Lomas - 2004 - Science & Education 13 (7-8):733-742.