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    Foundations of Biology: On the Problem of “Purpose” in Biology in Relation to Our Acceptance of the Darwinian Theory of Natural Selection. [REVIEW]Paul S. Agutter & Denys N. Wheatley - 1999 - Foundations of Science 4 (1):3-23.
    For many years, biology was largely descriptive (natural history), but with its emergence as a scientific discipline in its own right, a reductionist approach began, which has failed to be matched by adequate understanding of function of cells, organisms and species as whole entities. Every effort was made to explain biological phenomena in physico-chemical terms.It is argued that there is and always has been a clear distinction between life sciences and physical sciences, explicit in the use of the word biology. (...)
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    Random Walks and Cell Size.Paul S. Agutter & Denys N. Wheatley - 2000 - Bioessays 22 (11):1018-1023.
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    Diffusion Theory in Biology: A Relic of Mechanistic Materialism. [REVIEW]Paul S. Agutter, P. Colm Malone & Denys N. Wheatley - 2000 - Journal of the History of Biology 33 (1):71 - 111.
    Diffusion theory explains in physical terms how materials move through a medium, e.g. water or a biological fluid. There are strong and widely acknowledged grounds for doubting the applicability of this theory in biology, although it continues to be accepted almost uncritically and taught as a basis of both biology and medicine. Our principal aim is to explore how this situation arose and has been allowed to continue seemingly unchallenged for more than 150 years. The main shortcomings of diffusion theory (...)
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    My Favourite Cell: Tetrahymena: A Model for Growth, Cell Cycle and Nutritional Studies, with Biotechnological Potential.Denys N. Wheatley, Leif Rasmussen & Arno Tiedtke - 1994 - Bioessays 16 (5):367-372.
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    Historical Aspects of the Origin of Diffusion Theory in 19th-Century Mechanistic Materialism.Denys N. Wheatley & Paul S. Agutter - 1996 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 40 (1):139-156.