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    Research in epidemic and emergency situations: A model for collaboration and expediting ethics review in two Caribbean countries.Derrick Aarons - 2017 - Developing World Bioethics 18 (4):375-384.
    Various forms of research are essential in emergency, disaster and disease outbreak situations, but challenges exist including the long length of time it takes to get research proposals approved. Consequently, it would be very advantageous to have an acceptable model for efficient coordination and communication between and among research ethics committees/IRBs and ministries of health, and templates for expediting ethical review of research proposals in emergency and epidemic situations to be used across the Caribbean and in other low and middle (...)
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    Addressing the challenge for expedient ethical review of research in disasters and disease outbreaks.Derrick Aarons - 2018 - Bioethics 33 (3):343-346.
    Guideline 20 of the updated International Ethics Guidelines for Health‐related Research Involving Humans (2016) by the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) provides guidance on research in disasters and disease outbreaks against the background of the need to generate knowledge quickly, overcome practical impediments to implementing such research, and the need to maintain public trust. The guideline recommends that research ethics committees could pre‐screen study protocols to expedite ethical reviews in a situation of crisis, that pre‐arrangements be made (...)
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    Medicine and Its Alternatives Health Care Priorities in the Caribbean.Derrick E. Aarons - 1999 - Hastings Center Report 29 (4):23-27.
    In the Caribbean as in many other areas costly biomedical resources and personnel are limited, and more and more people are turning to alternative medicine and folk practitioners for health care. To meet the goal of providing health care for all, research on nonbiomedical therapies is needed, along with legal recognition of folk practitioners to establish standards of practice.
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    Overcoming barriers to pain relief in the caribbean.Cheryl Macpherson & Derrick Aarons - 2009 - Developing World Bioethics 9 (3):99-104.
    This paper examines pain and pain relief in the Caribbean, where pain is widely perceived as an unavoidable part of life, and where unnecessary suffering results from untreated and under treated pain. Barriers to pain relief in the Caribbean include patient and family attitudes, inadequate knowledge among health professionals and unduly restrictive regulations on the medical use of opioids. Similar barriers exist all over the world. This paper urges medical, nursing and public health professionals, and educators to examine attitudes towards (...)
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