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    A Finite Model Theorem for the Propositional Μ-Calculus.Dexter Kozen - 1988 - Studia Logica 47 (3):233 - 241.
    We prove a finite model theorem and infinitary completeness result for the propositional -calculus. The construction establishes a link between finite model theorems for propositional program logics and the theory of well-quasi-orders.
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    KAT-ML: An Interactive Theorem Prover for Kleene Algebra with Tests.Kamal Aboul-Hosn & Dexter Kozen - 2006 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 16 (1-2):9-33.
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    Computational Inductive Definability.Dexter Kozen - 2004 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 126 (1-3):139-148.
    It is shown that over any countable first-order structure, IND programs with dictionaries accept exactly the Π 1 1 relations. This extends a result of Harel and Kozen 118) relating IND and Π 1 1 over countable structures with some coding power, and provides a computational analog of a result of Barwise et al. 108) relating the Π 1 1 relations on a countable structure to a certain family of inductively definable relations on the hereditarily finite sets over that structure.
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