1.  32
    Perceptual Processing Affects Conceptual Processing.Saskia Van Dantzig, Diane Pecher, René Zeelenberg & Lawrence W. Barsalou - 2008 - Cognitive Science 32 (3):579-590.
    According to the Perceptual Symbols Theory of cognition (Barsalou, 1999), modality‐specific simulations underlie the representation of concepts. A strong prediction of this view is that perceptual processing affects conceptual processing. In this study, participants performed a perceptual detection task and a conceptual property‐verification task in alternation. Responses on the property‐verification task were slower for those trials that were preceded by a perceptual trial in a different modality than for those that were preceded by a perceptual trial in the same modality. (...)
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  2.  37
    Curb Your Embodiment.Diane Pecher - 2018 - Topics in Cognitive Science 10 (3):501-517.
    To explain how abstract concepts are grounded in sensory-motor experiences, several theories have been proposed. I will discuss two of these proposals, Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Situated Cognition, and argue why they do not fully explain grounding. A central idea in Conceptual Metaphor Theory is that image schemas ground abstract concepts in concrete experiences. Image schemas might themselves be abstractions, however, and therefore do not solve the grounding problem. Moreover, image schemas are too simple to explain the full richness of (...)
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  3.  28
    Matching between oral inward–outward movements of object names and oral movements associated with denoted objects.Sascha Topolinski, Lea Boecker, Thorsten M. Erle, Giti Bakhtiari & Diane Pecher - 2017 - Cognition and Emotion 31 (1):3-18.
  4.  8
    Does multisensory study benefit memory for pictures and sounds?Diane Pecher & René Zeelenberg - 2022 - Cognition 226 (C):105181.
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  5.  17
    Number-induced shifts in spatial attention: a replication study.Kiki Zanolie & Diane Pecher - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
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  6.  20
    Activating the critical lure during study is unnecessary for false recognition.René Zeelenberg, Inge Boot & Diane Pecher - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14 (2):316-326.
    Participants studied lists of nonwords that were orthographic-phonologically similar to a nonpresented critical lure, which was also a nonword . Experiment 1 showed a high level of false recognition for the critical lure. Experiment 2 showed that the false recognition effect was also present for forewarned participants who were informed about the nature of the false recognition effect and told to avoid making false recognition judgments. The present results show that false recognition effects can be obtained even when the critical (...)
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  7. Sandro Rubichi, Federico Ricci, Roberto Padovani, and Lorenzo Scaglietti. Hypnotic susceptibility, baseline attentional.René Zeelenberg, Inge Boot, Diane Pecher, P. Andrew Leynes, Joshua Landau, Jessica Walker, Richard J. Addante, Anna M. Stone, Tim Valentine & Rafaële J. C. Huntjens - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14:231-232.