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    Dianne C. Berry & Zoltán Dienes (eds.) (1993). Implicit Learning: Theoretical and Empirical Issues. Lawerence Erlbaum.
    This book presents an overview of these studies and attempts to clarify apparently disparate results by placing them in a coherent theoretical framework.
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    Zoltán Dienes & Dianne C. Berry (1997). Implicit Learning: Below the Subjective Threshold. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 4:3-23.
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    Laurie T. Butler & Dianne C. Berry (2001). Implicit Memory: Intention and Awareness Revisited. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 5 (5):192-197.
  4. Dianne C. Berry (ed.) (1997). How Implicit is Implicit Learning? Oxford University Press.
    Implicit learning is said to occur when a person learns about a complex stimulus without necessarily intending to do so, and in such a way that the resulting knowledge is difficult to express. Over the last 30 years, a number of studies have claimed to show evidence of implicit learning. In more recent years, however, considerable debate has arisen over the extent to which cognitive tasks can in fact be learned implicitly. Much of the debate has centred on the questions (...)
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  5. Dianne C. Berry (1994). Implicit Learning: Twenty-Five Years On. A Tutorial. In Carlo Umilta & Morris Moscovitch (eds.), Consciousness and Unconscious Information Processing: Attention and Performance 15. MIT Press.
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  6. Simon Banbury & Dianne C. Berry (1997). Habituation and Dishabituation to Speech and Office Noise. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 3 (3):181-195.
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    Dianne C. Berry (1994). A Step Too Far? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17 (3):397-398.
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