1.  9
    Discontinuity of Cappings in the Recursively Enumerable Degrees and Strongly Nonbranching Degrees.Klaus Ambos-Spies & Ding Decheng - 1994 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 40 (3):287-317.
  2.  40
    Eighth Asian Logic Conference.Ding Decheng - 2003 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 9 (2):256-256.
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  3.  31
    The distribution of the generic recursively enumerable degrees.Ding Decheng - 1992 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 32 (2):113-135.
    In this paper we investigate problems about densities ofe-generic,s-generic andp-generic degrees. We, in particular, show that allp-generic degrees are non-branching, which answers an open question by Jockusch who asked: whether alls-generic degrees are non-branching and refutes a conjecture of Ingrassia; the set of degrees containing r.e.p-generic sets is the same as the set of r.e. degrees containing an r.e. non-autoreducible set.
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