1.  38
    Time and Motion in Walter Burley's Late Expositio On Aristotle's Physics.Dirk-Jan Dekker - 2001 - Early Science and Medicine 6 (3):185-203.
    Walter Burley is mostly known for his defense of realism against William of Ockham. The concept of time that he developed in his late literal commentary on Aristotle's Physics has even been labelled 'extremely realistic,' in contrast to William of Ockham's so-called 'extremely subjectivistic' alternative. However, as is shown in this article, when Burley's concept of time is viewed against the background of medieval theories of time, it appears that it is mainly a restatement and further elaboration of opinions held (...)
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  2.  18
    Buridan’s Concept of Time. Time, Motion and the Soul in John Buridan’s Questions on Aristotle's Physics.Dirk-Jan Dekker - 2001 - In J. M. M. H. Thijssen & Jack Zupko (eds.), The Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy of John Buridan. Brill. pp. 151.
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  3.  57
    John Buridan's Treatise de Dependentiis, Diversitatibus Et Convenientiis: An Edition.Dirk-Jan Dekker - 2004 - Vivarium 42 (1):109-149.