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  1. Dmitri N. Shalin (1991). The Progressive Agendal. In Mitchell Aboulafia (ed.), Philosophy, Social Theory, and the Thought of George Herbert Mead. Suny Press. pp. 21.
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    Dmitri N. Shalin (2007). Signing in the Flesh: Notes on Pragmatist Hermeneutics. Sociological Theory 25 (3):193 - 224.
    This article offers an alternative to classical hermeneutics, which focuses on discursive products and grasps meaning as the play of difference between linguistic signs. Pragmatist hermeneutics reconstructs meaning through an indefinite triangulation, which brings symbols, icons, and indices to bear on each other and considers a meaningful occasion as an embodied semiotic process. To illuminate the word-body-action nexus, the discussion identifies three basic types of signifying media: (1) the symbolic-discursive, (2) the somatic-affective, and (3) the behavioral-performative, each one marked by (...)
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