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    Thomas Christensen . The Cambridge History of Western Music Theory. Xxiv + 998 Pp., Illus., Fig., Tables, Indexes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. $150. [REVIEW]Dmitri Tymoczko - 2003 - Isis 94 (2):343-345.
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    Scale Theory, Serial Theory and Voice Leading.Dmitri Tymoczko - 2008 - Music Analysis 27 (1):1-49.
    Efficient voice leading, in which melodic lines move by short distances from chord to chord, is a hallmark of many different Western musical styles. Although musicians can often find maximally efficient voice leadings with relative ease, theorists have not adequately described general principles or procedures for doing so. This article formalises the notion of voice leading, shows how to classify voice leadings according to transpositional and inversional equivalence and supplies algorithms for identifying maximally efficient voice leadings between arbitrarily chosen chords. (...)
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