Don Lavoie [10]Donald Lavoie [2]Donna J. LaVoie [1]
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    Economics and Hermeneutics.Don Lavoie (ed.) - 1990 - Routledge.
    Hermeneutics has become a major topic of debate throughout the scholarly community. What has been called the "interpretive turn" has led to interesting new approaches in both the human and social sciences, and has helped to transform divided disciplines by bringing them closer together. Yet one of the largest and most important social sciences economics has so far been almost completely left out of the transformation. Economics and Hermeneutics takes a significant step towards filling this gap by introducing scholars on (...)
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  2. A Critique of the Standard Account of the Socialist Calculation Debate.Don Lavoie - 1981 - Journal of Libertarian Studies 5 (1):41-87.
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    Political and Economic Illusions of Socialism.Don Lavoie - 1986 - Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society 1 (1):1-35.
    THE MYTH OF THE PLAN: LESSONS OF SOVIET PLANNING EXPERIENCE by Peter Rutland. LaSalle, Illinois: Open Court, 1985. 286 pp., $26.95. LENIN AND THE END OF POLITICS by A. J. Polan. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984. 240 pp., $22.50, $9.95 (paper).
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  4. From Hollis and Nell to Hollis and Mises.Don Lavoie - 1977 - Journal of Libertarian Studies 1 (4):325-336.
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    National Defense and the Public-Goods Problem.Don Lavoie & Jeffrey Rogers Hummel - 1994 - Journal de Economistes Et des Etudes Humaines 5 (2-3):353-378.
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    Degree of Handedness and Priming: Further Evidence for a Distinction Between Production and Identification Priming Mechanisms.Donna J. LaVoie, Brianna Olbinski & Shayna Palmer - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Democracy, Markets, and the Legal Order: Notes on the Nature of Politics in a Radically Liberal Society.Don Lavoie - 1993 - Social Philosophy and Policy 10 (2):103-120.
    On the extreme wing of libertarian ideology are the individualist anarchists, who wish to dispense with government altogether. The quasi-legitimate functions now performed by government, such as the administration of justice, can, the anarchists claim, be provided in the marketplace. George H. Smith.
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    Letters.Don Lavoie, Donald N. McCloskey & Peter Hoffenberg - 1987 - Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society 1 (3):109-134.