Donald Black [4]Donald J. Black [1]
  1. The Geometry of Terrorism.Donald Black - 2004 - Sociological Theory 22 (1):14-25.
    Terrorism in its purest form is self-help by organized civilians who covertly inflict mass violence on other civilians. Pure sociology explains terrorism with its social geometry-its multidimensional location and direction in social space. Here I build on the work of Senechal de la Roche (1996) and propose the following geometrical model: Pure terrorism arises intercollectively and upwardly across long distances in multidimensional space. Yet because social distance historically corresponded to physical distance, terrorism often lacked the physical geometry necessary for its (...)
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    Dreams of Pure Sociology.Donald Black - 2000 - Sociological Theory 18 (3):343-367.
    Unlike older sciences such as physics and biology, sociology has never had a revolution. Modern sociology is still classical-largely psychological, teleological, and individualistic-and even less scientific than classical sociology. But pure sociology is different: It predicts and explains the behavior of social life with its location and direction in social space-its geometry. Here I Illustrate pure sociology with formulations about the behavior of ideas, including a theory of scienticity that predicts and explains the degree to which an idea is likely (...)
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  3. Sociological Justice.Donald Black - 1993 - Oxford University Press USA.
    That discrimination exists in courts of law is beyond dispute. In American murder cases, for instance, studies show that blacks who kill a white are much more likely to receive the death penalty than if they kill a black. Indeed, in Georgia, they are 30 times more likely to be condemned, and in Texas a staggering 90 times more likely. Conversely, in Texas, of 143 whites convicted of killing a black, only one was sentenced to die. But how extensive is (...)
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    On the Origin of Morality.Donald Black - 2000 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 7 (1-2):1-2.
    Christopher Boehm proposes that morality began when a society of hunter-gatherers punished a member for violating its rules. He claims social control of this kind is universal, and that apes have related tendencies. Emile Durkheim had a similar conception of social control in the simplest and earliest societies. But both are wrong: Hunter-gatherers rarely, if ever, handle conflict in a law-like and penal fashion, and the society as a whole rarely if ever is the agent of social control. Individuals typically (...)
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    Blair, Francis, 51 Blanton V. North Las Vegas 1989, 217n. 4 Body Images, 145-60; Bounded, Anticensorship/Antipornography and, 147-55; Differences in, 146-47, 151. [REVIEW]Richard L. Abel, James J. Alfini, Amherst Seminar, Douglas Amy, Johannes Andenae, Alexander Bickel, Gail Bingham, Egon Bittner & Donald J. Black - 1998 - In Bryant G. Garth & Austin Sarat (eds.), How Does Law Matter? American Bar Foundation. pp. 248.
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