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    The Network Approach to Psychopathology: A Review of the Literature 2008–2018 and an Agenda for Future Research.Donald J. Robinaugh, Ria H. A. Hoekstra, Emma R. Toner & Denny Borsboom - 2019 - Psychological Medicine:1-14.
    The network approach to psychopathology posits that mental disorders can be conceptualized and studied as causal systems of mutually reinforcing symptoms. This approach, first posited in 2008, has grown substantially over the past decade and is now a full-fledged area of psychiatric research. In this article, we provide an overview and critical analysis of 363 articles produced in the first decade of this research program, with a focus on key theoretical, methodological, and empirical contributions. In addition, we turn our attention (...)
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    Advancing the Understanding of Suicide: The Need for Formal Theory and Rigorous Descriptive Research.Alexander J. Millner, Donald J. Robinaugh & Matthew K. Nock - 2020 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 24 (9):704-716.
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    Training the Removal of Negative Information From Working Memory: A Preliminary Investigation of a Working Memory Bias Modification Task.Donald J. Robinaugh, Margaret E. Crane, Philip M. Enock & Richard J. McNally - 2016 - Cognition and Emotion 30 (3):570-581.