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    The great dialogue: history of Greek political thought from Homer to Polybius.Donald Kagan - 1965 - Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.
    Beginning with an examination of the Homeric world and continuing with a discussion of the political ideas of the lyric poets from Hesiod to Pindar, the author moves on to a political analysis of the pre-Socratic philosophers, the tragedians, Herdotus, Thucydides, the Sophists, Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics, and the Epicureans. Finally, the writings of Polybius are examined as a key to understanding the assimilation of Greek political thought into the mainstream of Roman thought.
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  2. Sources in Greek political thought.Donald Kagan - 1965 - New York,: Free Press.
  3. The Medieval Mind-Faith or Reason.Brian Tierney, Donald Kagan & L. Pearce Williams - 1957 - Random House].
  4. Recovering Reason: Essays in Honor of Thomas L. Pangle.Peter J. Ahrensdorf, Arlene Saxonhouse, Steven Forde, Paul A. Rahe, Michael Zuckert, Devin Stauffer, David Leibowitz, Robert Goldberg, Christopher Bruell, Linda R. Rabieh, Richard S. Ruderman, Christopher Baldwin, J. Judd Owen, Waller R. Newell, Nathan Tarcov, Ross J. Corbett, Clifford Orwin, John W. Danford, Heinrich Meier, Fred Baumann, Robert C. Bartlett, Ralph Lerner, Bryan-Paul Frost, Laurie Fendrich, Donald Kagan, H. Donald Forbes & Norman Doidge (eds.) - 2010 - Lexington Books.
    Recovering Reason: Essays in Honor of Thomas L. Pangle is a collection of essays composed by students and friends of Thomas L. Pangle to honor his seminal work and outstanding guidance in the study of political philosophy. These essays examine both Socrates' and modern political philosophers' attempts to answer the question of the right life for human beings, as those attempts are introduced and elaborated in the work of thinkers from Homer and Thucydides to Nietzsche and Charles Taylor.
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