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    Heidegger, Gestell and Rehabilitation of the Biomedical Model.Donald S. Borrett - 2013 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 19 (3):497-500.
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    Hegelian Phenomenology and Robotics.Donald S. Borrett, David Shih, Michael Tomko, Sarah Borrett & Hon C. Kwan - 2011 - International Journal of Machine Consciousness 3 (01):219-235.
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    Evolutionary Autonomous Agents and the Naturalization of Phenomenology.Donald S. Borrett, Saad Khan, Cynthia Lam, Danni Li, Hoa B. Nguyen & Hon C. Kwan - 2006 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 5 (3-4):351-363.
    The phenomenological goal of grounding the content of conceptual thought in the background understanding of everyday, skillful coping was approached using evolutionary autonomous agent methodology. The behavior of an EAA evolved to perform a specified motor task was identified with skillful coping. Changes in the dynamics of the EAA controller occurred when the EAA encountered an unexpected obstacle with loss of longer time scale components in its hierarchical temporal organization. These temporal changes are consistent with the phenomenological changes which we (...)
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  4. The Nonlinear Dynamics of Connectionist Networks: The Basis of Motor Control.Donald S. Borrett, Tet H. Yeap & Hon C. Kwan - 1992 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 15 (4):712-714.
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