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Donna Orange
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    Worlds of Experience: Interweaving Philosophical and Clinical Dimensions in Psychoanalysis.Robert D. Stolorow, George E. Atwood & Donna M. Orange - 2002 - Basic Books.
    A book exploring the relationship between post-Cartesian philosophy and psychoanalysis.
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    The Madness and Genius of Post-Cartesian Philosophy: A Distant Mirror.George E. Atwood, Robert D. Stolorow & Donna M. Orange - 2011 - Psychoanalytic Review 98 (3):363-285.
    If the task of a post-Cartesian psychoanalysis is understood as one of exploring the patterns of emotional experience that organize subjective life, one can recognize that this task is pursued within a framework of delimiting assumptions concerning the ontology of the person. In this paper, we discuss these assumptions as they have emerged in the thinking of four major philosophers on whom we have drawn: Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Martin Heidegger. Our purpose in what follows is to (...)
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  3. The Suffering Stranger: Hermeneutics for Everyday Clinical Practice.Donna M. Orange - 2011 - Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.
    What is hermeneutics? -- The suffering stranger and the hermeneutics of trust -- Sandor Ferenczi : the analyst of last resort and the hermeneutics of trauma -- Frieda Fromm-Reichmann : incommunicable loneliness -- D.W. Winnicott : humanitarian without sentimentality -- Heinz Kohut : glimpsing the hidden suffering -- Bernard Brandchaft : liberating the incarcerated spirit.
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  4. Thinking for Clinicians: Philosophical Resources for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and the Humanistic Psychotherapies.Donna M. Orange - 2009 - Routledge.
    _Thinking for Clinicians_ provides analysts of all orientations with the tools and context for working critically within psychoanalytic theory and practice. It does this through detailed chapters on some of the philosophers whose work is especially relevant for contemporary theory and clinical writing: Emmanuel Levinas, Martin Buber, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Hans-Georg Gadamer. Orange presents the historical background for their ideas, along with clinical vignettes to help contextualize their theories, further grounding them in real-world experience. With a hermeneutic sensibility (...)
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    Zeddies's Relational Unconscious: Some Further Reflections.Donna M. Orange - 2000 - Psychoanalytic Psychology 17 (3):488-492.
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    American Ethical Thought.Donna M. Orange - 1980 - Teaching Philosophy 3 (4):497-498.
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    A History of Philosophy in America.Donna M. Orange - 1979 - International Philosophical Quarterly 19 (3):366-367.
  8. Beyond Postmodernism: New Dimensions in Theory and Practice.Roger Frie & Donna M. Orange (eds.) - 2009 - Routledge.
  9. Nourishing the Inner Life of Clinicians and Humanitarians: The Ethical Turn in Psychoanalysis.Donna M. Orange - 2015 - Routledge.
    Nourishing the Inner Life of Clinicians and Humanitarians: The Ethical Turn in Psychoanalysis, demonstrates the demanding, clinical and humanitarian work that psychotherapists often undertake with fragile and devastated people, those degraded by violence and discrimination. In spite of this, Donna M. Orange argues that there is more to human nature than a relentlessly negative view. Drawing on psychoanalytic and philosophical resources, as well as stories from history and literature, she explores ethical narratives that ground hope in human goodness and shows (...)
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