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Dor Abrahamson
University of California, Berkeley
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    The enactive roots of STEM: Rethinking educational design in mathematics.Michael David Kirchhoff, Daniel D. Hutto & Dor Abrahamson - 2015 - Educational Psychology Review 27 (3):371–389.
    New and radically reformative thinking about the enactive and embodied basis of cognition holds out the promise of moving forward age-old debates about whether we learn and how we learn. The radical enactive, embodied view of cognition (REC) poses a direct, and unmitigated, challenge to the trademark assumptions of traditional cognitivist theories of mind—those that characterize cognition as always and everywhere grounded in the manipulation of contentful representations of some kind. REC has had some success in understanding how sports skills (...)
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    Touchscreen Tablets: Coordinating Action and Perception for Mathematical Cognition.Carolien A. C. G. Duijzer, Shakila Shayan, Arthur Bakker, Marieke F. Van der Schaaf & Dor Abrahamson - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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    Enactivist How? Rethinking Metaphorizing as Imaginary Constraints Projected on Sensorimotor Interaction Dynamics.Dor Abrahamson - 2021 - Constructivist Foundations 16 (3):275-278.
    Welcoming their scholarly focus on metaphorizing, I critique Díaz-Rojas, Soto-Andrade and Videla-Reyes’s selection of the hypothetical constructs “conceptual metaphor” and “enactive ….
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