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    Observational Learning From Internal Feedback: A Simulation of an Adaptive Learning Method.Dorrit Billman & Evan Heit - 1988 - Cognitive Science 12 (4):587-625.
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    Soccer Science and the Bayes Community: Exploring the Cognitive Implications of Modern Scientific Communication.Jeff Shrager, Dorrit Billman, Gregorio Convertino, J. P. Massar & Peter Pirolli - 2010 - Topics in Cognitive Science 2 (1):53-72.
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    Language Learnability and Language Development.Dorrit Billman - 1987 - Mind and Language 2 (3):252-263.
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    Critique of Structural Analysis in Modeling Cognition: A Case Study of Jackendoff's Theory.Dorrit Billman & Justin Peterson - 1989 - Philosophical Psychology 2 (3):283 – 296.
    Modeling cognition by structural analysis of representation leads to systematic difficulties which are not resolvable. We analyse the merits and limits of a representation-based methodology to modeling cognition by treating Jackendoff's Consciousness and the Computational Mind as a good case study. We note the effects this choice of methodology has on the view of consciousness he proposes, as well as a more detailed consideration of the computational mind. The fundamental difficulty we identify is the conflict between the desire for modular (...)
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