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    Douglas Butler (1988). Character Traits in Explanation. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 49 (2):215-238.
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    Douglas Butler (1988). Meaning and Metaphysics in the Moral Realism Debate. Southern Journal of Philosophy 26 (1):9-27.
    Semantic formulations of various moral realisms and nonrealisms are to be categorized not only by their differing metaphysical commitments, e.g., realism's rejection of relativism, dummett's antirealism and nihilism, but also by certain of their linguistic commitments. relevant linguistic commitments involve giving priority in the explanation of moral language to, variously, reference, truth conditions, inferential role or illocutionary force. the latter two are illustrated, respectively, by a social pragmatism resembling rorty's and a noncognitivism such as hare's.
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    Douglas Butler (1988). Book Review:Ethics, Science, and Democracy: The Philosophy of Abraham Edel. Irving Louis Horowitz, H. S. Thayer. [REVIEW] Ethics 98 (3):601-.
  4. Douglas Butler (1988). Conference on Science and Metaphysics in the Philosophy of Leibniz. Studia Leibnitiana 20 (1):90-96.
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  5. Douglas Butler (1987). Ethics, Science, and Democracy the Philosophy of Abraham Edel.
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