1.  21
    An Interpretation of Principled Morality.Dwight R. Boyd - 1979 - Journal of Moral Education 8 (2):110-123.
    Abstract The commonly used notion of principled morality is interpreted philosophically and psychologically. Five sets of philosophical assumptions embedded in this notion are identified, dealing with the purpose of morality, the place of reason in morality, the autonomy of the moral agent, the autonomy of moral discourse and the nature of moral principles. An attempt is made to make these assumptions more meaningful to the non?philosophical reader by offering a phenomenological account of how they might be reflected in the real (...)
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    The Condition of Sophomoritis and its Educational Cure.Dwight R. Boyd - 1980 - Journal of Moral Education 10 (1):24-39.
    Abstract A problematic phase in the transition from conventional to principled moral judgement is characterized as the condition of ?sophomoritis?. Then an experimental course designed around this problem is described. The course sought to integrate material from ?Introductory Ethics? courses with perspectives on moral development from Kohlberg's theory. The effects of the course are described in terms of change on Kohlberg's stages and in terms of qualitative analysis of interview data. The quantitative data indicate an average development of one?third of (...)
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    Perspectives on Moral Education Within the Canadian Multicultural Mosaic.Dwight R. Boyd - 1988 - Journal of Moral Education 17 (2):148-160.
    Abstract This article provides an overview of the current situation and problems of moral education in Canada today. After a brief summary of some multicultural dimensions of the Canadian context, three difficulties in point of view are discussed. The first concerns the status and nature of official policy on moral education within Canadian educational jurisdictions. The second identifies two general directions of contemporary change in Canadian society with high potential to affect moral education in incompatible ways. Finally, it is argued (...)
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